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Without a doubt, the digital revolution has changed the way we do things. From communication to online shopping, life has been made infinitely easier — and some would say, more complicated — by the rise of the Internet.

Everything is just one click away now, and we seem to have no problem accepting our new virtual reality as the normal way of doing things. What happened was that the online world simply replicated our ‘real’ world more or less to the letter, so that a lot of what we used to do in the physical real now finds its more convenient and easier-to-navigate equivalent in the online realm.

The world of the best online live casino in the UK is certainly no exception to this.

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The Quest For The Best Online Live Casino In The UK

Doing their best to replicate the experience of land casinos, their online counterparts have taken it upon themselves to give players the option of engaging in ‘live’ games from the comfort of their own home.

Indeed, apart from the vast and colourful selection of slot games available, best online live casino in the UK now also includes a selection of classic land casino mainstays adapted to online casino live games, where players can engage with live dealers from the comfort of their own home and through a variety of digital devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular games of this genre available at the best online live casino in the UK and what the player can expect when trying them out.

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The Pros And Cons Of The Best Online Live Casino In The UK

One of the first hurdles to get over when engaging with online casino live games is a simple but very real one. It has to do with how shy you are in front of people.

That’s right: in your search for the best online live casino in the UK experience, you first and foremost have to acknowledge that unlike more traditional options out there, online casino live games challenge you to look your dealers right in the eye (albeit through a computer screen).

But the more reserved players among you should find some comfort in the knowledge that just because you can see the dealer, it doesn’t mean that they can see you.

That’s right: while online casino live games let you see your dealers thanks to a webcam, they only register you as a username. Which should ease at least some of the social awkwardness that comes with the best online live casino UK package.


In addition, don’t forget to look for safe online casinos only so your personal data will be safe and you’ll get to enjoy playing live games.

However, depending on what kind of person you’re like, a more sociable feel is also listed as one of the advantages of the online casino live games experience by many players. This is because the live casino allows you to interact with other players in an atmosphere that feels more ‘real’, it’s more likely that you will develop a real bond with other players, and get more of a buzz out of the game knowing that everyone is experiencing it ‘live’ in the same way that you are.

Meanwhile, some of the disadvantages of online live casino games include facing up to the fact that they can be slower than other games. This applies especially to card games where some players may be slower than others and so may slow down the game as a whole. Another potentially negative element of online live casino games is waiting time as a result of ‘full table’ capacity for card games.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games Out There

There are many online casino live games out there, but some are more classic than others. Here we’ve chosen some games that have stood the test of time and those that leave players craving for more, generation after generation, and which should be natural stops for you on your quest for the best online live casino UK!


We’ll cut to the chase: Baccarat is James Bond’s favourite card game and its appeal should be obvious for all those who play it, or have ever wanted to play it. All you need is a Vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred, of course) and you’ll be good to go.

But what’s Baccarat really all about, and how does it in fact work? Well, those of you not in the know about Baccarat may not be all that shocked to hear that a prime risk-taker like James Bond would go for a game of chance – all the better to get the blood pumping!

In Baccarat, cards are distributed from a shoe of 6 or 8 cards. It involves two hands – the ‘banker’ and ‘player’ hand – which are dealt by the house dealer. You can place your bets on either of the hands before the cards are dealt, but also on a tie.

So just choose your amount, place your bet and get ready for a great experience of classic gaming! Or you can always jump back to playing slot games or video lottery terminals!


It doesn’t get more vintage than this – Blackjack just screams classic sophistication and is a beloved classic of all players worldwide. Pitting you against the dealer, Blackjack is a pulse-pounding game that may not be the easiest one among them to grasp, but that rewards your patience and attention with some real thrills.

In this card game, the player needs to secure a final score that beat’s that of the dealer… but which doesn’t go over 21. Basically, it’s a head-to-head battle between yourself and the dealer. Now just a click away thanks to the technology that enables online casino live games to thrive, it’s no surprise that this head-to-head duel of a game keeps drawing in the fans.



The roulette wheel is the universal symbol for the gaming experience, and it should surprise precisely nobody that it stands its own on the online live games sphere.

The online live casino interface will make you feel like you’re engaging with this classic game in one of the worldwide hot spots for gaming, and the connected and live experience also guarantees complete interaction with dealers and other players.

So place your bets, hope for the best and remember: eyes on the wheel! Find out the difference between a slot machine and a roulette.

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Three Card Poker

The Three Card Poker system may be the perfect gateway to the more ‘pure’ version of the beloved and enduring game. It is the ideal set-up for new players keen to try their hand at poker but who aren’t quite ready to make the full plunge just yet. In a way, Three Card Poker is a feast for players, in that it challenges them to go head-to-head with a dealer with a three-card hand.

The way the game gets rolling is by players placing an initial wager and then stacking that with a same-size play bet. But watch out: the dealer will need at least a Queen among their ranks to pass muster. Lacking that, the players will get their pay stake along with the ante paying evens.

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What To Keep In Mind When Playing At The Best Online Live Casino In The UK

As ever, the ‘live’ element implies that all of your mistakes will be out in the open and seen — and not just by the dealer, but also with any other players joining you at the table. So remember to bone up on the rules of whatever game you’re playing — it will spare you some potential embarrassment later on!

Other than that, it’s good to focus on the positives and keep in mind and remember that the online casino experience is possibly the closest you’ll ever get to the bona fide brick-and-mortar casino experience. It’s all a very democratising move: before, casinos used to be a privilege that only those with the time and money to travel to key locations could afford.

And certainly, not everyone is in a position to travel to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo at the drop of a hat — and even if more local casinos are available, players will want that special feeling that comes with the very best venues.

Now, some top-notch casinos are available to you with just the click of a button, which should make it all the more easy for you to find the best online live casino UK to suit your gaming needs. Ready to play but don’t know which welcome bonus to choose? Find casino welcome bonus that you think suits you the best!

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