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What’s the deal with mobile casino slots apps?

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Casino Slots Apps

Did you know that don’t have to pay to play at online casinos? Free downloadable casino slots apps exist and they specifically cater to slot players that just enjoy it for the fun of it. 

Some slot enthusiasts do not like to part with their cash; therefore this addition to the casino online gaming world is indeed a welcome sight. It opens up the door for another type of casino players, one just likes online slots just as much as the next person but perhaps isn’t so keen on the real money aspect.

The best thing about these free slot game apps and platforms is the fact that it is, well – free! 

Basically, just have a (not too old) iPhone, iPad or Android phone – and there you have it, complete access to a free online casino you can download.

What are free casino games?

So, how exactly do these free slot gaming apps work? Well, they’re real slots games but without the risk of playing with real money. You need only to sync up a Facebook account or email address to have access to a full online casino for free.

Not only can you enjoy these downloadable casino games, but you are able to engage with other slot-lovers. It brings the land-based casino feel into the portability of your mobile phone! You can see other players’ avatars, interact with them and get a full-on great gaming experience while also participating in slot challenges to win coins and so much more.

These free casino games are every bit the same as the real money taking slot games, the only difference is that the gameplay is for free and the sign-up process is quite easy. Just connect a downloadable casino to an existing email account or social media account and you will be set.

I expect free casino apps to explode in popularity because more players can engage in and enjoy these games without relying on money. The bonuses are fun and plentiful and there’s no pressure to purchase any of the coin packages, although those are also available for players that want a quick boost.

Experience Nights of Fortune as free slot

Classic fruit slot

How do downloadable casinos work?

Free slot casinos operate a little different than real money ones. Bonuses are more plentiful! For example, you will be able to get daily bonus offers or sometimes weekly and even monthly specials. The mobile casino slots apps are free to play, but you get bonuses just like at a normal online casino.

Some downloadable casino apps offer their players a type of levelling up system, where after a certain amount of gameplay, their status and difficulty of challenges are upped. This has a strong effect on motivation and keeps you wanting to play more to reach the next level and unlock the next slot game or challenge. 

As is quite common with these types of free slots, sometimes called social casinos, the most important factor is the amount of player engagement and interaction you can enjoy with other players, which of course only adds to the community feel. See one of your friends hit the jackpot? Feel free to send a message of congratulations! 

Another great thing about these casino slots apps is the fact that the casino operators can actually let their ‘hair down’ and start to think outside of the box. When it comes to challenges and the various rewards for progressing through the game, they’re much more diverse than what you’d find at a regular online casino. It makes for some really exciting and challenging gameplay moments, to say the least.

Downloadable slots across devices

When it comes to the mechanics of these downloadable casinos that offer free slots, not all platforms operate in the exact same way. However, the experience you’ll get cross-platform is comparable and high quality in all respects.

The key to understanding the mechanics of these free casino apps is the fact that although casino bonuses, coin offers and engaging deals come standard with the experience, don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re playing for fun and not real money. You’ve started this free hobby and it would be nice to keep it that way! Plus, these are free slot games and they don’t translate into real skill at a real money online casino.

Do downloadable slots work on mobile phones?

This is a very valid question, posed by many casino online players. It’s especially good to know when it comes free slots, as players need to know that they can open up the app at will no matter where they are or what they might be doing. 

Most social casino games and downloadable casino apps are designed with convenience in mind and can be played on any mobile device. Smart-phones, tablets or simply in an Internet browser are all able to play casino apps. The experience might vary slightly across devices (this article tested on and iPhone and Google Chrome browser) but it’s still going to be a good one.

These days, casino operators and developers are fully aware of the most popular mode of gameplay, mobile device and smartphone. The fact that mobile devices are becoming the norm for most operations, from banking solutions to note taking, and, of course, entertainment, means that mobile casino slots apps are going to capitalise on this and ensure their services are optimal on phones.

By offering players the option of being able to download their free casino apps onto their phones, they can keep up with demands and ensure their player-base returns for more slot entertainment.  

So, in a nutshell, in order for a downloadable casino gaming site to be able to operate and function, they will indeed need to be able to offer their player base the option of downloading their free casino app via their mobile devices and smartphones, to remain in action and continue to grow their number of players over time.

How much space do free slots take up?

When it comes to the actual download size of these free casino apps, players will be pleased to find that an average free casino app size falls within the acceptable size of approximately 125MB. You can play without having to worry about the need to delete all those selfies taking up space on your phone.

The next best thing about these free slots apps is that you can play basically anywhere, as long as there is Internet access – which is basically available everywhere considering WIFI hotspots or data plans that are standard on most phone operator plans.

Also important to note here, is the fact that players can easily switch from their downloadable casino app platforms to an Internet browser, as it is readily accessible via the various web browsers that people tend to use on their mobile devices as well as their desktop devices.

Are free slot games even any good?

The final question and perhaps one of the more important ones: is the level of free mobile slots gameplay any good? I can summarise the answer with a “Yes!”

Seeing as the free casino app developers tend are some of the very same developers that create the real money casino games, this means that all the mechanics and top-level gameplay functionality are transferred into the free slots as well.

Obviously, the only real difference is that the player can enjoy and engage with the free slots app without the necessity of having to deposit any real money into their gaming accounts.

So, quintessentially, what we have with these free mobile casino and free casino games is a level of gameplay that is on par with all the top-level gaming sites, yet without the risk of having to play with real money.

All in all, what players can expect with these free slots for fun is just that – fun & games, all the way!

Why not check out these free slots app games today and see why more and more players are opting for this way to spend some time, whiling the day away in the most fun way!