What are online casino bonuses for UK players?


Everybody likes freebies, and when they happen in the hi-octane world of gaming, they’re all the more welcome. Which is a trick that web-based casinos have caught onto with some relish, as unlike their physical counterparts they tend to offer you some goodies simply for the effort of showing up. That’s right. We’re talking about online casino bonuses.


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What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

No land-based casino will straight up offer you a bonus just for walking through the door, but to the delight of many English players, that is precisely what online casinos have developed a habit of doing. And they’ve gotten more and more creative about it as time goes by.

For this reason, getting a grip on bonuses isn’t the easiest thing to do. Which is why we thought you’d appreciate having online casino bonuses explained for you with our handy guide.

Before we jump into some of the nitty-gritty though, let’s take it from the top: by online casino bonuses UK, we are referring to the kind of perks you have graciously lobbed at your fine self just for logging in and opting to play. These can take various forms: from simply being more cash for you to use, free spins and all manner of features that can easily ‘slot’ into the casino bonuses UK category.

So keep on reading if you want to learn the best way to make the most of any online casino bonuses UK that come your way. Try some offers for Starburst, Age of the Gods or Thunderstruck II on for size! Read our articles and see which one is your preferred slot.


The Reason Online Casino Bonuses Are So Cool

There’s various elements that a prospective gamer should bear in mind when considering which online casino to pick as their next spot for thrills and plunder, and it’s safe enough to assume that online casino bonuses UK are one of the key deciding factors for most players.

Of course, bonuses are not the be-all and end-all of the gaming experience, but it’s fair enough to assume that if something can give you a head-start and spice up your game, you’d want in on that action, right?

Thing is, what with competition being tight as it is and with great options available for players across the board, it’s not all that difficult to find that casino-sweet spot that works just for you: one that combines playability with airtight safety and customer service… to say nothing of online casino bonuses UK!

And now that you know it’s all doable, here’s your chance to brush up your skills as we make sure you have your online casino bonuses explained properly.


Why We Want To Make Sure You’re On Top Of Online Casino Bonuses

Look, it’s most definitely in our interest for you to be able to navigate around the online casino maze for be best bonuses around. After all, making sure our users have the best possible gaming experience is what we live for.

It makes us happy to know that more and more players are getting the best out of their games at least partly thanks to us, because at the end of it all we’re in this industry because we’re ardent fans of it and understand the magnetic appeal of wanting to find the best deals and winning big.

And we’re all about sharing that information.

Because what’s the point of hoarding it all for ourselves. Instead of leaving you confused about the nature of fantastic bonuses and where to find them, we want to make sure that you come out the other end with online casino bonuses explained to you – clearly and without leaving any stone unturned.

So, we’ve actually taken the liberty of parsing some fundamentals about online casino bonuses UK for your sake, to make you feel less intimidated by this rich vein of gaming culture. A very friendly casino to start at is Energy Casino, their exclusive welcome bonus has a lot to offer- both with no deposit and on your first deposit.



The Different Kinds of Online Casino Bonuses in the UK You Can Expect

We know it’s easy to become confused when confronted with all the bonuses out there, which is why we’re here reaching out to you to have online casino bonuses explained. We’ve put together a short and snappy list of some of the most common and popular bonuses out there.

A truly bona fide online casino will have a vast array of them available, so be sure to study this list all the way through to figure out what the bonuses mean and which of them apply to you the most strongly as a player.

So, what are you waiting for? Tuck into our guide to up your knowledge level and be able to take advantage of the right bonuses at the right time.


Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses are the ones you get when you first register with any online casino. Two key bonuses are listed as part of this category:

Signup Bonuses

Casinos offering sign-up bonuses are basically giving you something just for registering with them – that is, before you even make an initial deposit. Think of it as a welcome bonus, with no strings attached. However – and understandably enough – these bonuses tend to fall on the modest side of things, taking the shape of free spins or modest sums of cash. Not all the best no deposit bonus casinos will offer this kind of bonus.

First Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses operate on the same mechanics as all other deposit bonuses, except that at a best first deposit bonus casino, they tend to veer towards higher numbers than regular bonuses: you deposit some cash (which is usually determined by a minimum requirement) in return for an amount of money that corresponds to a percentage of what you put in. Picture this: you’re offered a welcome bonus of 100% up to €300. This means that you’ll get a bonus equal to your deposit right up to €300, along with – perhaps – a few extra free spins thrown in for good measure.

Ongoing Bonuses/Special Promotions

The casinos that really deserve your time (and money!) will have put in some effort into making you feel extra special by giving you some good stuff just for being one of their members. But watch out: not every casino will have the same approach to their promotional plan. Some may be happy to dish out bonuses each time you place a deposit, while others will give you the chance to score a bonus on certain days of the week. Again, these bonuses can take the form of actual cash or free spins, or a combination of both.

Refer-a-friend Bonuses

Of course, the best online casino bonuses UK are the ones that drive you to spread the word around with your friends and get them hooked on whatever that particular casino has to offer. Yes, certain casinos will reward you for getting your friends on board for the ride, though the details of it all will vary. Usually though, the perks you get as a result of this kind of bonus will mirror your friend’s welcome bonus to a T.

VIP Bonuses

Becoming a VIP requires some work and commitment, but it’s worth it. Once the best deposit bonus casino figure out that you’re among their high-rollers, they will reward you handsomely for keeping at it by offering you bigger and more exclusive rewards that are out of reach for casual players. BGO casino has an extensive VIP program for players. See what we think about them in our review and then check out their casino!


The Frequency Of Bonuses At Online Casinos

How often you get to enjoy bonuses really just depends on the casinos in question. The bonus casinos that most deserve your patronage won’t withhold bonuses for very long, and some may even hand them out on a weekly basis… so keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff!

Okay, Bonuses Are Great, But Caution Is The Watchword

Bonuses will by their very nature fire up your desire to ‘attack’ the game with as much energy and relish as possible, but try not to lose all control as you set your sights on exploiting the potential extra wins behind a bonus.

Read the terms and conditions carefully to really get a handle on what you’re getting into, for a start. Because – to mention just one thing – most bonuses, especially of the welcoming variety, come with wagering requirements.

That means that in order to withdraw winnings made with your bonus, you’ll have to wager its amount a number of times. It’s very rare that you’ll find a casino with no wagering requirement, although it is possible that some will give away free spins with no requirements attached.

To wit: that glittering welcome bonus may not be as tantalizing as all that once you scratch the surface. Basically, a bigger welcome bonus also means more demanding wagering requirements. So before plunging into bonusville, it’s good to take one long, hard look at the terrain and suss out how you may or may not emerge from it on the other end.

You May Also Have Heard About Bonus Codes…

The term ‘bonus codes’ may evoke images of hackers, well, hacking away at complex number patterns to crack the code in question. But in reality, they’re really just a sequence of numbers used to activate a given bonus, and will be easy enough to find on each online casino’s site. In particular, they tend to be required for welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions.

The thing to keep in mind though, is that certain casinos will strike deals with particular website and make the certain bonus codes available only through them. These would be ‘over and above’ codes available only through that particular website, and not the standard codes available at casinos.


Seek Out The Best Codes At The Best Casinos

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the number of online casinos out there. The internet is a vast place, after all, and gaming is a lucrative and expansive industry whose reach on the information superhighway only intensifies with each passing day. And apart from the games themselves it’s the bonuses that are multiple in their colourful array of incentives and temptations for the player.

Which is why we felt it was important that you had your online casino bonuses explained with this – hopefully! – handy guide across this varied landscape.




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