Best online casino winning strategy


Are you an online gamer looking for an online casino winning strategy that can make your gameplay both more lucrative and more fun?

You’ve come to the right place.

We at Lucky Street have always brought you the top tips and inside promo codes for the best online casinos out there, which is why we’ve now put our expert heads together to produce the ultimate online casino winning strategy guide possible.

From simple money management and adopting the right attitude to online gaming, to hunting down easy to win online casino games and knowing what gaming systems to use for what, this online casino winning strategy guide has it all.

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Behind the scenes: everything about an online casino winning strategy which isn’t actually about gameplay. Welcome bonuses.

When you’re in the world of online gaming, you’ll be constantly bombarded by different sites and advertisements telling you to join this and that online casino.

It can get overwhelming.

So, how do you sift through this jungle of welcome bonuses and promotions, and how can you utilise them properly?

The answer is simple: find welcome bonuses which will give you up to x2 your first deposit amount, and promotions which include VIP Programs.

Good welcome bonuses are capped at around €200 – meaning if you deposit €200, the casino will give you another €200 for a total of €400. This is a good deal by any standards, but you can also get online casinos which offer you all the way up to a limit of €500.

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The point is – whenever you get these welcome bonuses, deposit the full amount possible so you get the full bonus possible. You can then use what is essentially casino money, not your money, to start playing.

VIP Programs really work in the long-term, so search out casinos which offer these multi-tiered systems of money-making to their players.

If you’re at a loss of which casinos to go for, take your time going through our top ranking choices which are guaranteed to be trustworthy casinos with good deals for first time players and loyal veterans alike.

Know your limits – how to manage your bankroll

The great downfall of many players is not quitting while they’re ahead, instead choosing to keep on playing well into losing curves, bleeding money as they go.

Your attitude going into any online gaming shouldn’t be ‘how much am I going to win today?’, but rather ‘how much am I willing to lose today?’. Set yourself a loss limit. A loss limit is the absolute final amount of money you’re willing to lose on a game. Once you hit this limit, it doesn’t matter at what point you are in a game, stop immediately. Exit the game and go take a break.

Another danger is getting caught up in winning. There are no such things as ‘winning streaks’. There is no logic to most easy to win online casino games which is why once you’ve reached a satisfaction point in your winnings, you need to take a breath and step away from your screen.

Knowing your loss limit and satisfaction point is the secret to keeping a firm grasp over your wallet, or virtual bank account. Make small amounts of money consistently over time, and lose even less money, and soon you’ll have turned a tidy profit.


Remember it’s ultimately all about chance and luck

Speaking about the non-existence of winning streaks, these types of gimmicks are really ways of getting the player to spend ridiculous amounts of money on matters of chance.

Get this through your head: no slot machine is ‘due’ to give out money. There is no guarantee that a bad round of craps is going to give way to a good round. No bad hand of cards must lead to a good hand.

Lady Luck is a cruel mistress, so best not to depend on her too much. ‘Chances’ are that you’ll be out of pocket before you even get to meet her.

Instead, think with your head and not your gut. Stick to the above advice and keep control over your money.

Table games online casino winning strategy

Aside from administrative and mental deliberations, an online casino winning strategy also involves picking out the games with the best probabilities of winning. Basically, you have to find easy to win online casino games.

In the case of table games, there are two main factors to look out for: house edge and low/high odds.

For example,
– estimated at around 1.41%. If you find a casino which lets you bet extremely high odds on craps, this house edge is driven down even further – making the probability of cashing in on some winnings very likely – and also decreases your chances of losing out on your own money.

Baccarat’s odds are dependent on a variety of elements, like the number of decks being used and the type of bet you make – whether it’s on the player, the banker, or on a tie. The first two bets have extremely low house edge – the player bet has an average of 1.24%, the banker bet an even lower 1.06%. It’s the tie bet that has a high house edge average of 14.4%, making it a riskier play. The smart thing to do would be to bet on the banker.

Roulette house edge differs according to whether you’re playing a European table (with one ‘0’ slot) or an American table (with one ‘0’ slot and one ‘00’ slot). European roulette averages 2.7%, and American roulette averages a substantial 5.26%. Understandably, you should always seek out online roulette which uses European tables. Roulette odds are pretty attractive if you bet on outside bets, which have a 50/50 chance of winning.

Always first research the game you’re about to invest in, and shop around different online casinos to find the best online version there is of a table game. Have a look at the Fantastic Four at the 888 casino!


Slot games online casino winning strategies

The advantage of online slot games, as opposed to land casino slots, is that the online slots have much higher payout percentages, averaging from anywhere between 94%-97%. Your first tip for your slots online casino winning strategy is to look out for the games with the higher end of the payout percentage.

But, there is a way of finding those easy to win online casino games. These easy to win online casino games are decided by number of reels, coin value levels and bet levels.

5+ reel slots tend to be more volatile and therefore have higher payouts, but it’s the 3 reelers which offer more frequent payouts. So, you could wait around for a while on a 5 reeler until you get that big cash prize, or you could try a 3 reeler and get smaller cash prizes more of the time.

Most online slots let you adjust coin value levels, i.e. how much money you’re putting in for each spin, and bet levels, i.e. how many reel outcomes you’re betting on in a spin. The higher these two factors are, the lower the house edge.

When it comes progressive jackpots and non-progressive jackpots, your best bet is to go with the non-progressives. Progressive jackpots have much larger jackpots but they also award the jackpot much less frequently. Non-progressives award the jackpot more frequently. This means you have a better chance at hitting a non-progressive jackpot then you are the progressive jackpot.

Betting strategies

We’ve been talking about the tips and tricks of online gaming, and now we come to the slightly more advanced part of this online casino winning strategy guide: betting strategies.

Betting strategies are popular because they’re simple to understand and to stick to when playing even money bets. They can be either positively progressive or negatively progressive.

When you lose, decrease the stakes
When you win, increase the stakes
When you lose, increase the stakes
 When you win, decrease the stakes


An example of a positive progression strategy is the Paroli betting system. This system is for those who want to conserve their money and play smart. You choose a starting base level amount, and every time you win you add that amount to your stake.

So, you start off with €10, you win an even bet and get €10 profit. You add that €10 to your base amount, making your next bet a €20 wager. This goes on until you either get fed up or lose. But even when you lose, you’ll only have lost €10 of your own money because the rest of it is house money that you’ve added to your base amount.

An example of a negative progression strategy is the Martingale betting system. This is an extremely risky, high-rolling online casino winning strategy.

In the Martingale strategy, every time you lose you double the amount of money you’ve wagered since last time. When you win, you cut back your wager by half. It’s based on the assumption that losing streaks are followed by winning streaks, and vice-versa.

We would recommend the Paroli betting system over the Martingale simply because there is 0 guarantee that losing streaks are followed by winning streaks. It’s always much safer to play with house money, like in the Paroli system, than with your own money.

And there you have it: our complete online casino winning strategy guide. If you take on these few tips next time you’re looking for a new casino to sign up to, you’re sure to have fun making a dime without breaking the bank or disrupting your gameplay. So go forth and conquer!

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