Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds


We all know why slot machines, both on land and online, are so beloved by gamers from everywhere on the globe. It’s because of their many many slot machine bonus features.

In today’s iGaming world, it’s expected that big gaming software companies create slot machine games with bonus rounds like free spins, pick ‘em games, wheel of fortune types, and more.

These bonus features are meant to cut off the slot from the monotonous spinning of reels and inject some fun and volatility into the gameplay.

The best part is that, aside from the slot machine bonus features, slots can also be played using welcome bonuses! This makes gameplay triple the fun because you can win more for your money at no cost to you.

Slot machine games with bonus rounds and welcome bonuses are great, we’ve established that. But now let’s see how they work and why they’re so great.

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Slot Machines And Welcome Bonuses

Every online casino gives its new players a welcome bonus, which is basically money they’ll give you when you make your first deposit, and sometimes even your second and third.

For example, you deposit $200, and the casino will give you a 100% bonus of another $200 resulting in a total sum of $400 for the player.

The most common type of welcome bonus is the one which can’t be withdrawn directly and must instead be wagered on casino games.

Most online casinos will want you to wager the money anywhere between 20 – 50 times before you can withdraw it. This acts as a clearing or playthrough requirement!

Playthrough Requirements

Thing is, online casinos usually put wagering limits on certain games, and some games aren’t even eligible for the playthrough requirement. Find more relative information on no deposit no wager scenario.

Most live table games, like live Blackjack and live Baccarat, have a 0% playthrough requirement, meaning playing them won’t contribute towards your wagers.

Normal table games and sometimes even video poker (although video poker usually also has a 0% playthrough requirement) have really low clearing requirements which don’t go above 10% at most online casinos.

Why Slot Games Are Popular?

The reason why slot games are so popular with new players with welcome bonuses is because slot games and other parlour games typically have anywhere between a 98% – 100% clearing requirement.

What this means is that the casino wants you to use your welcome bonus on slots to meet your wager limits before you can withdraw your winnings or your deposit.

Slots are so favoured for wagering because they require little skill to play and they’re completely random in their results thanks to their inbuilt software, which means that the player is going to get as fair a chance as possible at making profits off of the welcome bonus. Find the best casino games to win money here.

Welcome bonuses usually can’t be used with other bonus combos, but once the welcome bonus closes or has been withdrawn, the player is free to use any other promotions offered by the casino with slots. Most casinos circulate their promotions every so often so that the players always have new opportunities at taking advantage of their love of slot games. Learn more about real money slot machines here.

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Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds: Free Spins

Free spins are an extremely popular and common type of bonus among slot machine games with bonus rounds. They’re exactly what their name implies: free rounds of spins awarded by the slot machine itself. During the free round, players usually still have access to other combos like multipliers.

Modern slots usually have free spin rounds even though they’re triggered in different ways. To find out how to get free spins from the particular slot you’ve had your eye on, just access the paytable of that slot and read the rules carefully. Normal slots usually provide anywhere between 5 – 25 free spins, but there are specific slots which can go anywhere up to 50 or even 100 free spins.

You’ll find that most free spins are accessed by landing three scatter symbols across a payline which immediately triggers a round within the slot where each spin is free and won’t deduct anything from your bankroll. Some slots even go as far as to allow retriggering of the free spins round within a free spins round resulting in a huge number of consecutively free rounds.

It’s no wonder that the free spins round is one of the most searched for slot machine bonus features in the online gaming world.

Find out whether it’s worth taking casino free spins in this article.

Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds: Arcade Games

Some slot game providers have taken slot gaming and slot machine games with bonus rounds to the next level. And this comes in the rare form of arcade-style bonus games.

It’s possible to find slots where the bonus round includes a mini-arcade game in the slot itself. You’ll be clicking away one moment, and the next you’ve entered an immersive bonus feature which will make you want to come back just on the off chance you’ll trigger it again.

Imagine, you’re playing a slot and then suddenly you have to use your gaming skills to try and shoot down an aircraft ship or trying to stop an alien invasion. You might even find yourself having to escape an arts museum after having looted the place without triggering any of the alarms.

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Some slots even wrap you up in a Cluedo-esque murder mystery or transport you straight into the unfoldings of a dramatic storyline. That’s pretty incredible, given that these worlds are all locked away inside an online slot machine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these types of slot machine bonus features, because they are so intricately detailed in programming.

The best part about these arcade style games is that, aside from being huge fun, you’re also in with a chance to get prizes that the normal slot game wouldn’t otherwise award you with. It’s a win-win situation.

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Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds: Spin The Wheel

The Spin the Wheel bonus is also a pretty common feature among slot machine bonus features, paying homage to the famous Wheel of Fortune television show even though the two have nothing to do with one another.

Just like with the Free Spins round, Spin the Wheel or Wheel of Fortune bonus rounds are typically triggered by landing three scatters across a payline, although you should always check the slot’s paytable to be sure what you’re in for.

Once it’s triggered, either the slot itself will change to the Spin the Wheel round or a separate window will open up with the bonus round ready to go. The player clicks to spin the wheel and see where it lands. Slots around the wheel are usually either big cash prizes or free spin prizes.

Progressive Jackpot Wheel Of Furtune

Progressive jackpot slots often use the Wheel of Fortune as a way of getting to the jackpot by passing through three or more different wheels.

You can trigger the Spin the Wheel bonus more than once in a single game of slots, but when it opens again the slots you’ve already won will instead be replaced by the word ‘Bankruptcy’ or just be void of any prizes.

This means that the longer you play the slot and repeatedly trigger the bonus, the less chance you’ll have at landing a reward. So it’s better to cut your losses while you’re ahead.


Slot Machine Games With Bonus Rounds: Pick ‘Em Games

Among the most popular of slot machine games with bonus rounds are the Pick ‘em games, also known as the ‘click-me’ or the ‘Play to Win’ bonus feature. These bonus rounds can either open up in a separate window, just like the Wheel of Fortune, or take place on the reels themselves.

Either way, these bonus rounds are super simple. All the player has to do is to click on a few icons shown from a selection to reveal their prize, sometimes the icons will be specific to the theme of the slot and sometimes they can be something generic like a treasure chest. And the prizes can be anything from money deposited directly to your bankroll, to multipliers which are applied to the winning combo you landed, to free spins.

Some Pick ‘em games work a little like Minesweeper in that they let the player keep on clicking until they uncover a ‘Game over’ or ‘Collect winnings’. But until then, the player can just keep on collecting prizes.

Just like Spin the Wheel bonuses, Pick ‘em games are sometimes used as a way to win the progressive jackpot of a slot. It involves a few risky clicks and that’s it. Not a bad deal when you stand the chance of winning hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Are Online Slots With Bonus Rounds Better Than Those Without?

Yes, slot machine games with bonus rounds are better.

Because of two main reasons: fun and money.

Slot machine games with bonus rounds are way more fun because of their volatility factor – the player never knows what the next spin will bring, and this keeps them on their toes instead of sinking into boring predictable clicks.

Also, bonus rounds usually offer the player a shot at monetary prizes and other features like free spins which they wouldn’t be able to get in a slot without bonus rounds. This means that you’ll be making the most out of your welcome bonus, and meeting your wagering requirement sooner rather than later.

The good news is, nearly all modern slots come with bonus rounds. All you have to do is log into your favourite online casino and get playing, or find the best welcome bonus with free spins!

So get this fantastic welcome bonus today to enjoy your bonus rounds at your beloved slots!


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