Slot Machine Online With Free Spins


Slot machines – what’s not to love about them? The shiny glitzy reels, the crazy themes, the addicting background music, and, best of all, the chance to win some real money. It’s a winning combo for gaming. To top it all off, most slot machine nowadays come with another feature which makes slots like the slot machine UK so widely popular with gamers everywhere: slot machine online free spins.

Whether it’s a slot machine UK, U.S, or anywhere else in the world, slots are perhaps the most popular game in the online casino world. Aside from the aesthetics, they’re easy to learn how to use and understand.

The concept of free spins is absolutely amazing: randomly when playing a slot, you can trigger free spins that allow you a chance at winning money without actually spending anything out of your own pocket.

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What Are Slot Machine Online Free Spins?

Slot machine online free spins are simple. A ‘spin’ in slots is a single round, where the reels spin once. Free spins are essentially spins that can be randomly awarded or triggered in a slot game, and that grant the player free rounds playing that specific slot without using up any of the money in the player’s bankroll.

The beauty of slot machine online free spins is that, even though you’re not giving any of your real cash to the casino, you are still in the chance of winning any of the full benefit combos when you hit certain paylines.

Most slots also allow other features, like multipliers, to still get activated in free spin rounds. Learn how to get your free spins in 2017!


Slots Free Spins vs Welcome Bonus Free Spins

Slot machine online free spins are not to be confused with an online casino’s welcome bonus free spins or free spin promotions.

Casinos give free spins as part of a welcome bonus to new players, or as part of a promo deal to keep players playing. But slot free spins are awarded from the game itself and the casino has absolutely zero control over them. Even if you’re using the welcome bonus free spins to play a slot, you’re still in chance of winning free spins from the slot itself.

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How Do I Get Free Spins And How Do I Maximise On Them?

Slot machine online free spins are triggered in different ways, but the most common is probably when a set of scatters or free spin symbols are lined up across a payline. Once this happens, the slot immediately launches itself into free spin rounds where you get to try your luck for free.

Some slots also use wilds to trigger the free spins, although this is less common. Some free spins are awarded as a prize at the end of a bonus game, like a Wheel of Fortune style game. The best way to find out how to get free spins is to carefully go over the paytable of your slot. It’ll tell you everything you might need to know.

Pro tip: Free spins are usually played at the same stakes that you were playing on before. Which means that, if your bankroll allows it and you’re confident in your money management skills, it makes a lot of sense to always play on all paylines and always at the maximum amount of stakes allowed so that when you trigger the free spins round, you’re in with the best chance of winning big.

So, use a maximising betting strategy when playing a slot with free spins (and only if you can afford it) is a sure fire way to win in the long-run. For sure, it’s the best way there is to maximise on the free spins that you get and get the biggest payouts with no losses. Take a look into “how to win playing slot machine” to find winning slot machine strategies.

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How Many Slot Machine Online Free Spins Can I Get?

The amount of slot machine online free spins that a player can get is completely dependent on the slot itself, and on the volatility of the slot. Wondering if it’s a good idea to take free spins – figure out!

The number of spins varies. On average, most slots award anywhere from between 5 and 25, usually with 10, 15, or 20 free spins in between. Amazingly, there are those few select slots out there, whether a slot machine UK, European, U.S or otherwise, which grant up to 40 or 50 free slots. This information is easily obtained from a slot’s paytable.

In some slots, the number of scatters or wilds you land determines the amount of free spins you get. For example, in Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune Dreams slot, 3 scatters = 10 free spins, 4 scatters = 15 free spins, and 5 scatters = 20 free spins. Find casino offers with free spins here.


100 Casino Free Spins

There are some old-school slots like Microgaming’s Gladiator slot which came out a while ago, and which offers an unbelievable 100 free spins if you get a scatter three times anywhere on the reels. But such a high amount of free spins isn’t the norm, or even uncommon. It’s extremely rare.

Pro tip: A large amount of free spins is ideal if you’re planning on playing for the long haul by retriggering a free spins round (more on retriggering can be read below). But, most slots with a large amount of free spins usually do not allow other features to be combined with the free spins bonus and they have limiters on how many retriggers you can have.

So, you might have a slot which has 100 free spins but no multipliers can be used in those 100 spins – which means you’re still less likely to get a big payout than from playing a slot with less amount of free spins but which allows multipliers in free spin rounds. Read more about slot machine bonus rounds.

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What About When They’re Combined With Other Bonuses?

Slot machine online free spins are a great bonus within themselves even when they’re not combined with any other bonus, that’s why certain slots like MG’s Gladiator has such a high count of free spins and was well-known for it.

Despite that, most modern online slots allow for the combining of free spins with other popular bonus features, namely multipliers and wild symbols, and also allow you to retrigger the bonus itself.

What does this mean?

Multipliers do exactly what their name suggests – they multiply your winnings by a certain amount. This amount is typically displayed on the symbol itself (e.g. 3X) or you can find out from the paytable. So, if you’ve landed a winning combo which amounts to $5, and a multiplier of 5X to boot, then your total winnings amount to $25.

Slot machines, whether it’s a slot machine UK or not, online or land, which allow multipliers to be used during free spin rounds are becoming very common. These types of slots are a goldmine, because not only do you get to play free rounds where you don’t pay a dime but you’re also in with the chance of having any winning combo on the paylines multiplied to a far greater payout.


Get Wild Slots Free Spins

Wilds can be advantageous too. They are used to substitute any symbol on the reels except for other bonus symbols like scatters. That means if you get 4 matching symbols and a wild, the wild will act as the 5th matching symbol and the slot awards the player just like if they’d landed 5 matching symbols.

Wilds and multipliers not only increase the chances of a payout, but also increase the amount of a payout.

Retrigger features in a slot are not as common as finding slots which allow wilds and multipliers in a free spins round. Retriggering allows you to set off another free spins round even when you’re already in a free spins round. So, let’s take the example of NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Dreams again. Say you land 4 scatters and get 15 free spins. If within those 15 free spins, maybe on your 11th spin, you land another 4 scatters then the slot will grant the player another 15 free spins.

Don’t think this can go on forever though, retrigger slots always have some kind of limit to the number of free spins allowed in the same game. Otherwise the cycle would be never-ending.

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Should I Trust Slot Machine Online Free Spins?

Slot machine online free spins can sometimes sound too good to be true. You find yourself asking, ‘Where’s the catch in all this?’

The only catch is that it’s very easy to get so into these slots that you lose track of everything else, including your own time and money.

Otherwise, there is absolutely nothing suspicious going on in these slots, whether they’re online or a physical slot machine UK.

The casinos themselves have nothing to do with the design and programming of the slot. That’s all up to gaming software companies like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Thunderkick and so on. These software companies all follow certain rules and regulations which protect the player from being exploited by casinos.

Aside from that, the slots are inbuilt with an RNG (Random Number Generator). This means that the outcome of each spin is completely random and arbitrary from the previous spin. Except for limiters that stop an infinite retriggering of the free spins, nothing interferes with the result of the spins. The player is completely safe.

“Online casino with free spins – is it worth taking it?” article covers more information regarding free spins, so feel free to find more information in this article. Articles page has been written by LuckyStreet.com experts providing you rich insights into online casino industry.

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