Slot Machine vs Roulette


When you think ‘casino’, chances are two of the following things you’ll think about will be ‘slots’ and ‘roulette’. Whether it’s a slot machine vs roulette, these two games are icons in the world of iGaming.

Roulette and slots are different in every way you can think of: history, style, gameplay, odds, RTP, you name it. But they still remain two of the most beloved casino games out there.

So the question is: slot machine or roulette?

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Online vs. Land Slot Machine Or Roulette Games

The 18th and 19th centuries are long gone, and here in the 21st century both slots and roulette are played a little differently. And by ‘differently’ we mean ‘online’.

Some players out there are completely against online slots and online roulette. They believe that you’re less likely to win with them, and that your best bet is always using a slot machine or roulette table in a land casino because they’re more likely to payout and easier to trick. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s true that online slots have an RNG (Random Number Generator) built into them by the software provider which makes it impossible to mess with a slot machine unless you use illegal and highly unethical software to hack the game. But the RNG isn’t there just to protect the casino, it’s also to protect the player. If still interested in hacking, read more about how to hack slot machine games.

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So What Is RNG Slot?

When using an RNG slot, it’s certified that the online casino has no control over the slot to make it operate in its favour. In addition, it means that a player can just as easily win 10 times in a row as they are to lose 10 times in a row. Each spin is completely arbitrary to the spin before it, and when you win – you’ll always win big. Unlike in land casinos, where you risk playing a slot which has already cashed out all its coins to some other player before you. Learn more about how to win playing slot machine.

Online roulette tables are also randomly operated, and they have the same benefits as online slots. And to top it all off – you can play an online slot machine or roulette table from the comfort of your own home.

House Edge Of Online Slots And Online Roulette

One of the most important differences between a slot machine or roulette game is the distinction in house edge and overall RTP (return to player) rate.

The RTP of a slot machine is largely dependent on the software manufacturer that makes the game. RTP is never set by online casinos themselves.

The slots RTP rate is not always disclosed to the player, making it difficult to guess whether you’re going to be losing money on an online slot or making money. But, the good news is that usually the RTP rate of an online slot varies anywhere between 93% – 97% which is extremely high.


European Roulette vs Americal Roulette

Generally, roulette has less of a house edge than slots do. The house edge depends on what type of roulette table you’re using, whether it’s European roulette vs American roulette. European tables have one green ‘0’, American tables have two green zeros – the normal ‘0’ and the double zero (‘00’). This might seem like a small difference – but this difference leads to a significant change in odds. European tables have a house edge of 2.7%, while American tables sport almost double the house edge at 5.26%.

In addition, sometimes European roulette employ the use of two rules to protect their players’ odds. These are called the ‘En Prison’ rule and the ‘La Partage’ rule, and they have the casino’s house advantage to 1.35%. So, since you are now familiar with the difference between European roulette vs Amercan roulette – it’s your choice which one to play!

Roulette has the better house edge and RTP rate. The truth is, you’re more likely to win money playing roulette long term than you are slots. But slots are still a bankable option if played short-term and players don’t get stuck on the mistaken notion that a machine is ‘due’ to payout.

In regard to RTP and payout percentages, we encourage you reading this “What are online casino payout percentages?” article.

Volatility Of Slot Machine vs Roulette Games

Another factor to consider when playing a slot machine vs roulette game is volatility. House edge and RTP rates are taken on average, but they can both vary widely according to the type of play or bet that you make.

In the case of online slots, however, there’s not ‘play’ that you can make except for adjusting coin value levels and bet levels. Slot machine volatility instead relies completely on the software of the game and the number of reels and features it has.

If a slot has 5 reels instead of the classic 3 reels, it’s more volatile because of the wider range of possible outcomes. If the slot has multipliers, free spins, a bonus round and beyond – chances are it’s a volatile slot.

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The bad side of a volatile slot is that it’s not ideal for beginners because it can be confusing. But the good side is that it keeps things exciting and fun, and offers the opportunity for much more frequent payouts.

Roulette can be volatile depending on the way you play it. If you stick to outside bets, you have a 50/50 chance of winning. If you choose to risk the inside bets, the story changes. Payouts in roulette can be anything from 1:1, to 8:1, to 35:1.

Volatility in slot machines depends on your pick of slot, whereas volatility in roulette depends on your play. Risk is involved in both, and in this case it makes both slots and roulette equally fun to play as well as equally likely to give high payouts.


Slot Machine Or Roulette?

What’s the conclusion in the choice between a slot machine or roulette game? Depends.

It depends on what type of gameplay you’re after and what type of gamer you are.

Do you want something which requires less brainpower but still provides an element of risk and volatility, as well as the possibility of cash winnings? Go with slots and find the most winning slot machine. We also recommend reading this “Slot machine vs video lottery terminals” article to find out differences between a slot machine and a VLT.

Do you instead want something which involves more strategy, high chances of winning and low chances of losing, and where you’ll have more control over the plays you make and the odds you’re betting against? Go with roulette. And remember european roulette vs american roulette difference before you start playing.

The fact of the matter is, they’re both so loved for a reason. They’re some of the safer games you can play in an online casino and also some of the most fun. What’s not to like?

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