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Videoslots: Terminals vs Online

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Why is there the need for a slot machine vs video lottery terminals debate? Aren’t they one and the same?

Though you would be forgiven for thinking this, the truth is that there is a completely different video lottery terminals definition, so you need to be informed as to what the difference is if you want to make the most out of your gaming experience.

In this article we cover what you definitely need to know:

  • Major difference – Machine Class
  • What is a Slot Machine
  • What is a Video Lottery Terminal
  • Why do you need to know the difference
  • Pro tips: Hot & Cold periods and Round Playing

In fact, there is also a pretty big historical timeline difference with regard to slot machine vs video lottery terminals.

Beginning of the Confusion

Slot machines, at least in their very earliest prototypes, have been around for over a century. Video Lottery Terminals, on the other hand, are a more recent installment to the Western casino world, with the earliest machines being legalised and finding their way to casinos in the 1970s – specifically in Montana, Nevada, and New Jersey.

As a result of this and perhaps other factors, slot machines are generally much more common across the board. That doesn’t mean that people should assume they know everything they need to know about slot machines, although there’s little doubt that information about video lottery terminals is less widespread.

That’s why we’re here to help you distinguish slot machine vs video lottery terminals. A popular slot game is Thunderstruck II and it’s pretty representative of all slot games because it uses a random number generator to determine wins, but more about that later.

Your goal by the end of this should be to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both, as well as why and when to pick slot machine vs video lottery terminals when you next visit a casino.

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A Question Of Class?

One of the most crucial differences is that slot machines are known as Class III machines, while Video Lottery Terminals are considered to be Class II machines. This distinction does not mean there’s a difference in quality – only in gameplay.

Knowing the basic difference between the two will help when distinguishing the finer details of slot machine vs video lottery terminals, and the basic difference is this:

Class II machines are pre-programed. In other words, the winning numbers are determined by the machine before the game has even been played. Class III machines, on the other hand, operate more overtly on the basis on RNG (Random Number Generation) software, so there’s more of a prominent gameplay element.

Despite this distinction, you might not even realise whether the machine you’re playing on is a Class II or Class III type machine, though knowing this difference will help you choose your machines more carefully, as you’ll soon find out.

What You Probably Already know – A Slot Machine Definition

Because of their much more obvious widespread popularity, chances are that you’re a lot more familiar with slot machines, but we reckon that it is still important you know exactly what you’re getting into every time you hit up your nearest casino. A slot machine is what is typically considered to be the traditional ‘Vegas-style’ machine.

As has been said, the outcome you’ll get on slot machines is randomised. The software tells the machine when to stop, and if the symbols line up as you want them to, then you’ve got a winning payout.

Still, there are other important slot machine vs video lottery terminal distinctions, such as that slot machines work in isolation unless linked in progressive networks for jackpot purposes.

What is also important to know is that if players choose to play again, their next round is not affected in any way by the previous one. A classic slot, now with multiple versions, is Age of the Gods, or try other no deposit casino bonuses!

What You Might Not Know – A Video Lottery Terminals Definition

The biggest distinction between a slot machine vs video lottery terminals, and the one that makes all the difference, is how the winners are determined.

With a Video Lottery Terminal, what you are doing is actually betting on the outcome of the game. Think of the word ‘lottery’, as it perfectly describes what happens. You bet on a possible outcome, and hope for the best. If you do win, you have to announce it in order to claim your winnings.

When looking at the video lottery terminals definition, it’s good to understand that when you enter a game, it already has a predetermined number of winners. These may not be announced in every round, but will eventually come up. Despite the outcome being predetermined, it’s important to understand that it’s still random, and is not manipulated in any way by a human element.

This is why Video Lottery Terminals are often considered to resemble computer generated scratch-off ticket systems. When you buy such a ticket, you’ve won or lost from the moment of purchase, but you won’t know this until you’ve played.

Why Is Knowing The Difference Between Slot Machine vs Video Lottery Terminals Even Important?

This isn’t a slot machine vs video lottery terminals debate in the sense that you need to swear your allegiance to either type of machine, but you should know when it pays you to go for either option.

Because of the way they’re programmed, video lottery terminals lend themselves best to games like bingo, lotto, keno, and so on. In other words, games that have nothing to with any kind of interactive gameplay.

Why? Think about a casino classic like video poker. The results are random here still, but is a definite element of gameplay involved. You need to know how to play poker. On video lottery terminals definition of this sort becomes negated and superficial.

To be fair, slots machines are often completely independent of a real gameplay element, but still tend to have more interactive features. Take bonus games for example, where prizes can be determined based on choices you make, such as flipping a virtual coin to double up your wins. This kind of nuance would be lost on a Class II machine.

Other Useful Things to Know about Slot Machine Vs Video Lottery Terminals

Regardless of how you gravitate with regard to slot machine vs video lottery terminals, both types of machines come with their own myths that are necessary to dispel.

Slot machines in particular are often thought to have ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ periods, in which is it becomes more or less likely to pay out. These are often terms used in reference to jackpots. People argue that after a jackpot is hit it is unlikely that another one will be any time soon after.

The reality of it is that you’ll never know when a slot machine is going to pay out. Though slot machines can indeed have different rates of volatility, this is separate to the idea that there are different periods in which machines are more generous.

People often have a bit of a warped video lottery terminals definition which includes the idea that chances of winning increase the more one plays. The reasoning behind this is that if playing a round is akin to playing a ‘scratch ticket’ of sorts, then decreases the metaphorical tickets increases odds until a win is finally announced.

Again, this simply isn’t true. Wins are predetermined for each round, which also means that they are reset for each new one. Energy Casino has an impressive selection of Class III slot machines and some no deposit bonus cash you can claim to get a solid slot-warm-up.