Slot Machines That Payout The Most


Although there is certainly merit in playing for the sake of having fun, if you want play slot machines with the aim of trying to get the most bang for your buck, you need to pay attention to the slot machines payout rate.

You might think that selecting slot machines to play on isn’t a huge deal – you simply pick a theme you enjoy, put money into the machine, and play away in the hopes of walking away with a fatter wallet.

In the words of President-elect Donald Trump, ‘Wrong.’

Put simply, the slot machines payout percentage provides an estimate or benchmark of just how much you can expect to win when playing on any particular slot machine, whether online or at a land casino.

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Why Is Knowing Slot Machines Payout Rates Important?

This is a question with an incredibly simple answer: nothing else works.

One thing which is essential to emphasise time and again is that slot machines are dependent on chance. A high slot machines payout percentage is not going to guarantee you a win any more than a low one will. Yet, deciding which one we’d rather play on is a very easy choice, isn’t it? Then find the most winning slot machine!

That hasn’t stopped people from employing techniques when playing that are less conventional (to put it mildly) in an attempt to get a high slot machines payout, especially when it comes to land casino machines. Stories of people who talk to the machines; people who pay attention to room temperature (under the premise that warmer machines are ‘looser’); people who play at specific times during the day. The list goes on.

We reiterate: nothing else works. There are really no excuses to start paying attention to these rates either, as it’s incredibly easy to find out what the slot machines payout rate is when playing online, as clicking the information button on any game will provide you with the answer you seek.

Deconstructing Slot Machines Payout Rates

When you see a slot machines payout percentage, like 86% or 90% or 96%, it’s all too easy to assume that what this means is that when you win you get that percentage as a return on your wager.

It’s a common myth and a dangerous one, as it creates false expectations for people who don’t understand the dynamics of casino playing. The slot machines payout percentage is actually something that is to be understood over a lifespan. In other words, a slot machine which has a 96% payout rate is actually more likely to distribute that percentage to multiple players over 10 years or so.

Slot Hold Percentages

Imagine slot machines payout rate of 96%. Now do basic maths: 100% – 96% is 4%. That 4% is what is known as a slot hold percentage. This is money that is completely kept by the casino – the money that you’ll definitely never see again, essentially.

Yet again – it’s important to note that this is not 4% of what you as an individual have put into the machine, but 4% of what every player has collectively.

Find more information about online casino payout percentages.

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Common Slot Machines Payout Myths Debunked

Now that you more or less know what the proper definition of slots machine payout percentage is, it’s time to explore these in more detail so that you can really understand how these work in the broader scope of casino playing.

Myth 1: Slot Machines Payout Rates Are Flexible

One common myth is that a payout percentage is something flexible; something that can change overnight. This is simply untrue: a slots machine payout percentage is something that is programmed into the software and can only be altered by the provider.

A slots machines payout rate is not going to be 95% one day and 94% the next.

Myth 2: A Slot Machines Payout Percentage Represents Volatility

The idea that you’re likely to win more frequently on a slot machine with a higher payout rate is a pretty widespread misconception. If you’re looking for frequent wins, you’re dealing with notions of volatility, and that’s something that can’t be calculated so easily.

Many people reckon that different machines do tend to operate in different patterns of generosity. Whether that’s true or not, though, has nothing to do with a slot machines payout rates being 85% or 99%.

This of course means that there’s no such thing as a cycle of payoffs. If you’re trying to detect patterns of wins, or anything of the sort, don’t waste your time. Your energy is better spent playing slot machines with a more realistic frame of mind.

Myth 3: Slot Machines Payout Rates Operate Differently in Different Periods

We’ve already mentioned the people who think that you’ve got more luck winning big if you play during particular hours of the day, but this has more to do with people who think that payout rates will reset depending on how much has been won previously.

In other words, you’ll find people propagating the myth that, for example, a slot machine will start giving out less wins once a jackpot has been hit, as a means of letting the jackpot pool build up again. This is simply untrue, as all slots spins are independent of each other. Read more about the progressive jackpot.

What Are The Legalities of Slot Machines Payout Percentage Rates?

Although payout rates differ, there is one common feature between them all, which is that all payout rates at any casino establishment need to be submitted for approval with a greater gambling commission. American casinos, for example, need to ensure that their payout rates are approved by the State Gaming Commission.

This is a dandy way of further being assured that there’s no tomfoolery or hanky-panky occurring with your favourite slot machines.

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I Read Your Article. What Happens Now?

Not much, admittedly, except for one vital thing. You’re still going to go and play slots machines with the same fervour you did before, but now you should be aware that playing a slots game is not as simple as picking the nicest looking title from the bunch and spinning away.

Sure, you could do that, but it can be very detrimental to your wallet in the long run. Our advice to you is always make sure that when you’re playing slots, you pick games that have slot machines payout rates that are at least in the higher 90s percentile. It won’t guarantee that you’ll win frequently or even at all – but what it does guarantee is that your potential winnings are much higher than they would otherwise be. That’s enough for us.

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