Slot Tournaments Online Strategy


Perhaps one of the most appealing things about online casino gaming is just how private it is. Once you set up your account, what you do and how you play is very much your business and your business alone. Entering slot tournaments online changes that dynamic a bit.

However, don’t see slot tournaments as a treat to your private gaming time! Not only can they be a lot of fun, they also, of course, offer the chance for you to win some serious cash. If you are considering entering such a tournament, though, don’t rush.

Take your time to read through this article so you can be fully equipped to understand how they work, what to expect, and most importantly – if there’s any kind of slot tournament strategy you can make use of as a participant.

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How To Join Slot Tournaments Online

Finding about which slot tournaments are happening online is not an issue in 2017 – you can rest assured that the online casino you frequent will advertise it pretty heavily! However, do your research if you’re so inclined to figure out the finer details, such as how often they’re held and what kind of prize pools have been awarded in the past. It’s also really easy to find free spins in 2017 – just follow LuckyStreet.com.

When it comes to entering, the criteria will depend highly on the casino you’re playing at. Some tournaments are VIP-based or invite-only, so you might not be allowed to join in the first place. If you do find yourself eligible to compete, there are two main ways of securing your place:

The common way is to pay an entry fee known as a buy-in, which will give you a select amount of credits to use during the competition. When the tournament is free or comped in, however, you simply need to sign up. In the latter scenario, you still are awarded credits, but the cost is covered by the casino.

What is somewhat crucial to know – just for the sake of understanding what’s what – is that the collective pool of buy-ins together makes the prize pool. A casino will generally keep a portion of this money as a way of making profit, and the rest will be divided amongst the winners!


What Happens During Showtime?

One thing to keep in mind is that even though slot tournaments online are competitions, we’re still dealing with games with randomised results, so they’re not super skill-based. If anything, your primary skill will have to be speed, as your task to is to keep spinning the slot game’s button until the time runs out.

However, some slot machine winning strategies could be applicable for the tournament as well!

What happens next depends on the format of the competition. With smaller slot tournaments online, the competition generally ends after the time frame ends, and the person with the highest amount of credits on their machine is the winner.

However, with larger competitions, you might find that there are different rounds. Though these are more time-consuming and command more attention, the prize pool is usually considerably more substantial.

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What Are Pros Of Entering Slot Tournaments Online?

The advantages of joining a slots tournament should not come as a surprise to anybody, considering the ultimate prize generally tends to be very generous. Plus, buy-ins tend to not be particularly expensive so we say the price of entry is worth the shot, even if you end up going home with nothing. After all, the excitement of playing is part of the price even when playing slots in regular contexts.

In fact, playing at competitions is arguably, to an extent, even more risk-free than when you play outside of slot tournaments online. Why? Well, for one you know exactly how much you’ve spent on the buy-in, and so there’s no risk of overstepping your bankroll budget. This is, of course, an even better deal when the entry fee is non-existent! You also tend to get more spins for your money, usually.

In addition to this, always look only for safe online casinos before you enter any kind of tournament or register to play regular slots.


What Are The Cons Of Entering Slot Tournaments Online?

Slot tournaments are great, but we’ll be the first people to admit they’re not necessarily for everyone. For starters, such tournaments can obviously be stressful because you need to play so quickly, and for anyone who plays at online casinos purely to unwind, this arrangement might not be the most ideal.

In addition to this, a competition only operates at specific times, which means you might need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate the competition. Obviously, this will could prove to be a hassle to any working man or woman.

One of the biggest disadvantages to slot tournaments online is that they can be disappointing because winning has nothing to do with the actual wins you make from the slot games. What this means is that if you’re playing a slot game and you win a huge jackpot, you’re not going to walk away with that jackpot at all.

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Let’s Talk Slot Tournament Strategy

You must be tired of reading that slots games can’t be manipulated and that results are always random – but this doesn’t change when it comes to tournaments. However, it’s still very possible to employ strategy that can put the competition in your favour; slot tournament strategy that forces you to play smarter. This section will tell all about what you should and shouldn’t do during slot tournaments online.

One of the most crucial things that we simply can’t stress enough is that your mind has to be set in speed mode. When it comes to slot tournaments online, that fraction of a second can definitely make a difference. So your main concern is to hit that ‘Spin’ button as often as you can – be ready to hit it as soon as a round ends.


Now that mindset is going to affect the entire way you act and carry yourself throughout the competition. If you need to be quick, then this means there can be no space for distractions. Forget about checking how the rest of the competition is doing. As long as the competition is in session, you only need to care about yourself. Comparisons will come later.

It might also pay off to be logged in and ready to play as early as possible, as any chance of being late can prove to be detrimental!

Of course, because you need to get the most out of your spins every time, good slot tournament strategy is to set the maximum available bet as the default wager. Remember that competition time is going to be limited!

Finally, if you lose you might get the chance to re-buy a way in. Is this good slot tournament strategy, or should you simply count your losses?

It depends. If the competition is still in an early stage, and the top scores are still low at the time of contemplation, trying again might not be a bad idea, especially if the buy-in price is low. If the competition has moved considerably and stakes get higher and higher, it’s probably not worth your time or money. Save the cash for next time.

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How Does One Go About Joining Slot Tournaments?

Now that you know the ins and outs of slot tournaments online, there’s not much to do except join one, if you’re persuaded to do so! If you’re already a member with an online casino, check and see if and when they’ll be hosting their next tournament so that you can avoid the hassles of finding another online casino to join (or if you were looking for a new one anyway, you can consider this a good excuse). So check out our casino reviews to find the one with slot tournaments!

If you do join up, there’s not much left to do but have fun! Whether you win or lose is more or less out of your control, but don’t forget to utilise the slot tournament strategy we talked about to get the odds in your favour as much as is humanly possible.

You might end up hating slot tournaments online; you might end up loving them – but we think it’s important that any online casino player gives them a shot at least once in their life so that can evaluate that for themselves!


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