What Are Online Casino Trends For 2018


Have you ever heard the saying: the future is now? Well, this statement has indeed never been truer than it is today, in this digital era that we find ourselves in, and basically, if you’re not finding yourself ahead of the digital curve, then quite frankly, you’re being left behind.

This is precisely why this article aims to give you the low-down on what to expect to see in the world of online gambling market trends for 2018 and going forward. Mobile Casino trends are heading in a rather fascinating, and wholly revolutionary manner, and if you consider yourself to be an ardent casino online gambling site player, then you’d do well to weigh in on some of the pending online gambling market trends, as this information surely does pertain to you, the avid casino slot game player.

We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the technologies that seem to be rearing their heads in this mobile casino world, and taking a squizz at what you as the player can expect, going forward to 2018 and beyond.


Why the Live Dealer is Growing In Popularity

When looking at the question above, as to why the Live Dealer in a Live Casino scenario continues to grow in popularity, there is only really one real answer that one needs to consider.

The best live casino sites tend to offer great gameplay experiences when it comes to live casino dealers, and as many live casino uk players will attest to, the rate at which playing at these best live casino sites have risen in popularity only compounds on the fact that players are guaranteed a great time, interacting with the live casino dealers, engaging with other players of the live casino uk sites, and more.

According to some digital gaming platforms, an extravagant amount of online casino game players have increasingly logged into their gaming accounts, and opted for the live casino dealer mode of gameplay, with the staggering number of players amounting to as much as 45 million people.

This whopping number can definitely be considered a truth, as the increasing availability that most average online casino gambling site players have to Live video elements these days have only but increased over the last few days.


Some top-notch casino online gaming sites will also introduce the live dealer casino no deposit bonus (also for mobile) to any new and potential customers, as a means to entice the said player to join in on their gameplay good times and sign up to become part of that particular casino online gambling sites’ community.

The fact that the player gets to experience and interact with the live dealer casino members only adds a level of human interaction to the mix.

There are however certain issues that could arise with this increase in popularity of live casino instances, and one of these challenges could be the need to include the bitcoin live dealer into the entire mix of live casino uk options, this of course is directly in line with the rise of the popularity of bitcoin as an option and method of payment, and is a challenge that bitcoin compatible best live casino sites will need to cater towards.


New Challenges For Live Dealer Casinos

There is also an added challenge of most live dealer casinos, to consider the fact that not all their players seeking some live dealer casino gameplay will be in the same time zones, which is a logistical element that casino online gambling sites will need to find a solution towards, as well as the fact that live dealer casinos will need to cater towards the many different languages that the subsequent various players will be speaking in.

Not a huge challenge that will need to be dealt with, but a solution will be in needs of finding, regardless. Especially as the need for best live casino sites will probably only continue to rise in popularity well into 2018 and beyond. A trend unlikely to fall by the wayside anytime soon.

Lady Dealer For Live Roulette Game


Social Media Live Streaming Influence On Casinos

From the advent of Facebook Live, as well as Instagram Live video, to the nowadays ‘norm’ of most top quality online gambling sites to have included a Live Casino dealer elements on their gaming platforms, made available to players, what we can clearly see is that the demands of online casino game players have been heard, and are being met by most casino online sites.

What the people seem to want is a real-live, engaging and interactive gaming portal, presented on a fully functioning and wholly responsive gameplay platform, that can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere that the player in question may deem a good place to play; be it in the comfort of their own home, lounging out on their sofa, or on the go, en route to work, or via their daily commute back home, or even on their way to a big night out – whatever the reason for wanting to catch a spin or two on their favourite game, these days, players are keen on spending those hours with live dealer casino sites more and more.


A New Trend – Casino Online Social Media Focus

Given that the year-on-year growth of mobile usage is only on the rise, going steadily towards the upwards rise of at least 2% annually, what can clearly be seen is the fact that most casino online players are increasingly making use of their various mobile devices for all manners of communication, entertainment and business.

Accordingly, what is also plain to see is the rise in Social Media interactions and frequencies across the board. This too has befallen the likes of all best casino online gambling sites as well. Given that many of the online gambling sites’ players are increasingly engaging in Social MEdia themselves, only stands to reason that these players are also wanting to engage and interact with their favourite casino online gaming site on their preferred Social Media outlet as well.

Again, is it the behaviour of the player that has led the new trend of casino social media being taken to new heights. One can very easily expect to see a rise in the presence of mobile casinos on Social Media, as players are seeking to engage on all levels with their preferred online gambling sites.

The fact that millennials (those players identified as being born between 1978 and 1998) and the Generation Z (children born to millennials) are increasingly engaging on Social Media, and prefer to interact on these Social Media platforms, means that the online casino social media presence was in need of being more prevalent and accordingly is why one will now see more interaction on casino Facebook pages, or casino Twitter pages, and so forth.

The mobile trend for 2018 in relation to casino online social media forecasts are as follows: expect to see more leaderboards, chat rooms and opportunities for multiple player interactions, as this is what the discerning casino online gambling site player is looking for, and if any good casino online site is listening, they will surely be providing this service to their players, pronto.


What Is The Trend For VIP Casinos Going Forward?

Every successful mobile casino has its big spenders and loyal VIP casino players to thank for their very existence. Without the VIP online casino player and the big moolah spender, most online casino gambling sites will cease to function and be just like that flickering candle in the wind – only to be snuffed out as soon as the conditions turn unfavourable.

A rather miserable picture painted above, but in all honesty, this is exactly the framework that surrounds a casino online site that is devoid of any type of existing relationship with its VIP casino players.

It is, therefore, a growing trend amongst any top-notch casino online gambling site to tend towards a wholly personal, tailor-made and exclusive level of interaction to take place between the casino online personnel and the VIP player in question.

These days the VIP management process and trend is looking towards vip online casino processes of assigning a personal VIP manager to each VIP player. This way ensuring that the VIP player’s every need is met and is given sole priority all the way.

Whether the VIP player desires a pizza to be ordered, so that the gameplay can continue on uninterrupted, or whether the request from the VIP player is an immediate withdrawal of winnings from their vip casino online gaming account, the duty of the VIP player’s personally assigned manager would be to authorise the implementation of such requests, and in a timeous, well presented manner, at all times, every time.

The fact that vip online casino personnel will be tasked to stay on top of this mobile casino vip trend is an understatement, indeed, as the forecast in this instance is the inclusion of most top quality casino online gambling sites to enact a premise where the VIP player’s needs are placed as priority number one, and the successful implementation of such is indeed adhered to – each and every time.  


Bitcoin Casinos In The UK Are Coming Soon

Giving Gold a run for its money, and quite literally so, Bitcoin casinos uk based, and the world over is indeed gaining in popularity.

The fact that Bitcoins have reached an unprecedented high, in terms of value, only spells great opportunity for anyone wanting to get in on the recent cryptocurrency insurgence, the world over.

Increasingly, this mode of casino online operations is paving the road to a new trend in mobile casinos, a trend focused on cryptocurrencies as the new payment method options going forward.

If any top-notch casino is wanting to remain ahead of the technological curve, and stay abreast of all things innovative and current, then their next best bet would be to incorporate cryptocurrency into their list of available payment options to players, as this is indeed the trend of the future of banking, in mobile casino sites globally, and quite frankly, in the world at large in general. We even covered a full article on Bitcoin casino.

As was mentioned every so briefly above, in making mention of the trend of live dealer casinos, there is in time going to be a great demand for bitcoin live dealer casinos as well, and in order for Bitcoin casinos uk located, european based, and more – there is going to be a surge of bitcoin compatible casino online sites needed, and it will do any top notch casino online site a world of good to be leading this projected next up band wagon, instead of falling by the wayside, as it were.


VR Casinos Keep Gaining Traction

Firstly, let us clarify for those not in the know, what exactly a VR Casino is? A VR casino is simply a Virtual Reality casino, that takes the concept of virtual reality gaming, and incorporates it into the casino online gambling site world of gaming.

Virtual Reality casinos are not something that only dreams are made of – these days, in this digital age that we are living in, the reality of a VR casino is increasingly becoming a trend, and is increasingly leaning towards an eventual becoming of ‘the norm’. This is the aim, at least, of many an innovative and great-minded software developer and mobile online casino gaming aficionado.

As soon as certain challenges, such as the costs of the headset required for successful virtual reality gameplay implementation are brought down to such an extent that it is made available for any layperson and casino online site player to ascertain and buy, as well as the challenge of combatting any technological troubleshooting accompanying the virtual reality implementation on the various mobile casino sites’ platforms are met – only then will the probability of all mobile casinos tending towards a VR casino actually become more than just a proposed trend to aspire towards, but will become a full on reality indeed.

However, the idea of VR casinos is not going anywhere, it is really only gaining momentum and traction as I type this, and as you read this.

With VR casinos at the forefront of many an innovator’s thoughts, and in many mobile casinos projected forecasts and trends, the ongoing implementation of 3-D enhanced graphics will only further propel the movement towards a fully functioning VR casino with radically playful vr casino games entow.

As well as the fact that with the thought of VR casinos being voiced throughout the casino online gaming community, many a designer has seized this opportunity to grasp and grapple with this challenge of making virtual reality casinos a possibility, this way embracing the need to let their imaginations fly unhindered, as they create these virtual realities, with the online casino game player in mind.

Literally, their imagination is their only real limitation at this point, giving ample room to soar towards innovative solution finding.

Watch this space, as VR casinos are indeed the way of the future. Mark our words.


Track Your Playing Performance With Casino Data Analytics

This being the full-on digital age, there is, of course, no recourse greater for the casino online developer and site owner, than to be able to quickly, efficiently and effectively track any casino data analytics, as well as the casino player analytics – and all at the click of a button.

The fact that all operations, services and products, by nature, at any given casino online gambling site is all offered, stored and produced in an online environment, means that by definition, all these processes can be tracked and their casino data analytics can be studied, and further compounded upon – in order to create the best customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

The fact that casino player analytics will take into consideration a number of the player’s attributes and player behaviour without the player even having to divulge this information to anybody, that fact that it can be ascertained by the simple clicking of a button, logging in on a page, and moving on to another completing different page speaks volumes in terms of being able to give the player what they are looking for, in real time.

The time for surveys and asking the customer to fill in lengthy forms, in order for the product provider to be able to decipher what the customer wants from their gameplay experience is no longer a lengthy process, it is literally available to the product and service provider immediately.

This data gathering and casino data analytics trend forecast a rather symbiotic relationship between the casino online service and product provider and the casino online player. Soon, all the player will know is what great satisfaction looks like and nothing less. It will be smooth sailing gameplay satisfaction, all the way Every time, anytime.

Learn more about Player Data Analytics in Mr Green Casino Review.


Are You Ready For New Casino Trends?

Looking toward the future of mobile casino trends for 2018 is indeed a window into the future of online gambling sites, and the fact that all in all, the casino online gaming industry has come to realise that what the player wants, the player must get.

In so doing, most mobile casino trends for 2018 appear to be geared at giving the player their hearts’ desire, and are pointing toward the propulsion of more interactive gameplay experiences for each casino online player, as well as a means for the player to engage more directly with casino online personnel, as well as fellow casino online game players too.

If the mobile casino trends for 2018 is anything to go on, and I do believe it is, then what we as the online gambling world can expect to see in the years to come is a wealth of innovative, engaging and altogether downright good times, playing and having fun and games!

Let’s go, we’re ready! Are you?


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