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Playing slot machines online


To begin with, all casinos have their signup (or welcome) bonuses. We recommend selecting a casino that has an attractive offer that fits your playing style. Selecting any one of these Starburst no deposit free spins offers is a good place to start!

Unless you’ve been living under a casino-repellent rock, you’ll definitely know that slots machines are all the rage at casinos and online casinos. They have been for a very long time, and it doesn’t look like a trend that’s going to go away anytime soon. Load up any casino website, and you’re likely to face a selection of hundreds of slots games.

That can lead to a couple of different reactions. You might get overwhelmed, or you might get cocky, thinking that slot machines must be easy to crack since there are so many around. Neither reaction is ideal, which is why this article is geared to teach you how to handle yourself when playing slot machines.

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How To Win Playing Slot Machine – The Basics And The Fine Print

If you’re trying to win playing slot machine, you’re probably thinking (rightfully) that there’s not much rocket science to it. Yet, it’s really important to know your terminology and the different features that make up each game so that you can take advantage of all the factors that can contribute to your win.

So, yes, readers – slot machines are easy to play on – but no, it’s not as simple as pressing the button and watching the icons spin until the pattern sets. Sure, that’s the basic premise of slots, but we must stress that the most useful thing you can do before playing your first round at a game is to click the information icon. Fate Sister or God of Storms, for example, are all part of the Age of Gods series, but they all have slightly different features and tweaks that are important to know before you try and choose a favourite to play.

This will let you know exactly how many reels and paylines the game consists of, what your betting options are, and what the bonus features are. In other words, you’ll be equipped to answer a few key questions, such as, ‘are the potential winnings of this game worth my time at all?’ and ‘how many paylines should I select to play on?’

At one time, the game Thunderstruck had an unprecedented 243 paylines! It still does, though some other games have tried to top it since.


How Do I Choose The Right Slot Game For Me?

You might have expected us to word this as ‘How do I choose the best game to win playing slot machine on?’, but we didn’t, because no two gamers are the same. If you’re expecting to find a universal game that can turn everyone into a champion, you’re going to be disappointed.

First of all, slot machines – all slot machines – are what we call Class III games. This means that they’re operated using random generation software. You can’t hack or manipulate slot games, and that means that a win is never a guarantee. Never. However, you can gain insights into how do online slot machine work or read about a few strategies people use to play them to find your baseline from our articles page at the top navigation bar.

Now, that’s not a reason to be disappointed. It means that you might need to lower your expectations somehow when trying to win at playing slot machine, sure. However, it also means that it’s ok to play slots game that you actually enjoy. One quite popular game is Starburst and fortunately for the Starburst lover, Lucky Street a great list of no deposit casino bonuses with our partner casinos you can check out here!

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Read full review here. 18+. New UK customers only. Opt-in required. 30 free spins on Book of Dead game upon registration with NO wagering requirements or deposit required for spins AND 100% deposit bonus up to £300: Min deposit £10 and 30x wagering requirements apply on bonus (game weighting applies). Max bet applies. T’s and c’s apply. Please gamble responsibly, www.begambleaware.org.See full T&Cs


No, we’re not going to go zen on you and turn this section into a ‘what does winning really mean, anyway?’ kind of thing. Still, we think it’s important that you ask yourself what kind of slots games you want to be playing in the first place. Do you like films? There are slots games for that. Do you like rock bands? There are slots games for that. Do you like it when you wake up in the morning and you feel really good about yourself for no reason? There’s probably a slots game for that.

Of course, it’s about finding a balance too, as if you want to make playing worth your while and actually win playing slot machine, the games have to be decent in terms of features too, and not just have exciting graphics and themes. Sure, we did just say that slot games are random in terms of results, but some things are not random, including payout rates and features like mini-games, multipliers, wild icons and scatter symbols, and so on.

Sure, every slots game you play is a game of chance, but we’d rather take our chances with the games that offer multipliers and features of that sort.


Should I Play Progressive Jackpot?

There’s another important consideration to keep in mind, which is whether you want to play on progressive jackpot slot machines or not. What changes here? Simple: with jackpot games, you can win as you would on any regular slot machine, but you can also hit the jackpot – a sum of money that keeps growing based on how many people play for the jackpot. It’s like a warped game of Jenga in that people keep adding to the jackpot tower until it collapses.

It might sound like a sweet deal (and it often is), but if you do choose to go down this path we have a few tidbits of advice:

Don’t lose sight of actually playing the slot game for the winnings you can make in the base game. Hitting a jackpot is an ideal, but it’s extremely unlikely, and there’s no telling when it will be hit. You can play a progressive jackpot game for fun without becoming a jackpot millionaire.

Know the difference between different kinds of jackpot slot games, because this really is information that makes a difference. Standalone progressives are not connected to any other machines, making them easier to hit but have smaller jackpots.

Wide Area Network progressives are the opposite – they’re connected to many machines and have huge jackpots but are extremely hard to hit as a result. Local progressives are a compromise of the two, as the connected machines are all operated by the same casino.


What Strategies Can I Use To Win Playing Slot Machine?

The idea of employing strategy when playing slots is a bit tricky because, as we wrote above, you’re not going to influence the game you’re playing with any kind of strategy. ‘What’s the point, then?’, you might be asking. You’ll find out soon, but first let’s get into the kinds of strategies you’ll want to avoid – period.

If a strategy promises to be a gateway into doing the impossible, or a guarantee that you will win playing slot machine, then you can rest assured it’s a waste of time. Take the Zig Zag system, for example, which works on the premise that you can locate patterns made by symbols that indicate that the machine you’re playing on will soon pay off. Nonsense. Pure nonsense.

Strategy isn’t a complete waste of time, though – you just need to see it as a way of playing smarter for your own sake. Here are a few strategies that can help you in the long run.


Test The Games In Free Play

When you play a casino slot game for real money, any spin you make costs you. Plus, it doesn’t take one spin for you to decide if you like a casino game or not. In other words, you can end up draining a fair bit of your budget just to decide you don’t want to play that game at all anyway. Lucky Street has free games to test right in your browser if you’d like to give that a shot; use the navigation bar at the top of the page to play some selected slot games for free.

That’s what free play is there for – it’s a ‘try before you buy’ deal. You might not win playing slot machine, but you won’t lose either – and that’s important in the evaluation stage. You’ll get 10 free spins for 5 days on Age of Gods games, for example. Over 5 days, you can play different machines without putting up any of your own money. You’ll be able to find your favourite and then put your effort into winning at that slot!


Learn Which Gaming Providers Are Your Favourite

This is one piece of advice which is invaluable and underrated. When you sign up with an online casino, you need to be assured that the games available come from reputable providers.

Different providers have different touches, too. You ought to arrive at a point where you’re comfortable playing a game by provider X because they have the features you like and avoid the ones by provider Y because they never have any bonus symbols worth waiting for. All of the best online casinos have achievable wagering requirements (BGO casino has some of the easiest-to-get wagering out of all of Lucky Street’s partners). The shady guys might have a great offer but insane wagering requirements that are impossible to achieve and so you’ll never see your bonus cash!


Learn To Control And Keep An Eye On Your Budget

This one is less about trying to win playing slot machine, and more about creating a buffer for your losses. It’s imperative that before you play you set a fixed bankroll limit that you will not cross it has been reached. If your session is over, it’s over.

Knowing your limit is useful because it lets you calculate what kind of bets you should be making when you play. Can you afford to bet in increments of €1, or should you keep it safer? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking. The higher your wagers, the higher your potential winnings, of course – but the word potential in itself suggests you need to be realistic.



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